SBP1.10.25.2018…what’s it mean?




I collect things along my journeys.  They languished in plastic bags or boxes, some with notes and dates; some left to my memory of their origin.  Recently I had occasions to move some of my treasures and revisit their sentimental value.  I couldn’t help but think that they deserved more.

This piece is a first in a series of piece to honor some of my ‘finds’.  SBP stands for ‘scrapbook page’.  This is my first attempt of this concept.  I have rich resources to draw from and have numbered this 1 with the intention of this being the start of a new series.  The following numbers are the date it was completed.  It was my birthday.  I spent the day in my studio.  I couldn’t have asked for a better gift!

The ‘page’ that the pieces are mounted is the tile I use for all my large-scale, commissioned artworks; my ‘go to’ mosaic making material.  It’s a high fired, stoneware bodied, ceramic tile that literally comes in a rainbow of colors. The other bits of materials come from my special collections.

Red – This Red Jasper was acquired in NC 2018, after visiting Penland School of Crafts with family.  The visit to Penland was just a small part of the wonderful times we had together.


Orange – Clay ‘French fry’ was selected material from a workshop that Kim Wozniak and I attended, organized by Ilana Shafir in Israel, 2013.  It was held at the studio of one of her students on the outskirts of Jerusalem.  Prior to the workshop we visited with her and Leah, at their family home and Ilana’s studio.  Being surrounded by decades of Ilana’s artistic expressions in every medium imaginable was inspiring.  I’m so grateful to have had that special experience.  Ilana died the following May.

Kim and I visited Ilana Shafir in Askalan Israel in October 2013.

Yellow – Plate shard was found in a pile of dirt next to the Watts Towers during the renovation of 2012. The towers were fenced off at the time.  One of 4 visits I’ve made to the site so far, spanning 4 decades.  A young person watching me pock through the dirt asked if I was planning on building my own tower.


Green – The sea glass was collected on a beach in the Virgin Islands.  St. Johns is my favorite island, but you can find more sea glass in St. Thomas.  The glass stone was a special accent used on pieces at the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital, Palo Alto, CA, installation which was completed April 2019.


Blue – This piece of stone came from a life changing trip to Europe in 1996 where I had the opportunity to work at the Frans Mayer Studio, Munich, Germany, as well as visit Barcelona, Spain, immersing myself in mosaic history and tradition.  This stone strip came from that trip.  It was wrapped with some elements that were given to me while visiting the Sagrada Familia.  An odd series of connections provided the opportunity for a private, behind the scene tour guided by the head model maker.  It was magical!

[I’ve gone through boxes of  discs, photographs, and slides and to my dismay, have not been able to locate any of of those images.  I’ll add to this story another day.]

Violet – Full circle…this is another stone acquired with the family.  So, you know those mineral store that you see as a roadside attraction?…the ones where you can buy a mystery bucket, and sort through the debris for treasures?…Martin bought me one as a present!  He and I and his son, Perry. and his wife, Abbie, all hunkered down that afternoon along a makeshift sluice sifting through sand and gravel to see what treasures we would discover.  This is another one of our finds.  Amethyst is known as the healing stone but is also known as one of the great problem solver stonesI just looked that up and I like it!

Rocks and minerals

Postscript:  After writing this, I reminded that there is always so much more than meets the eye to any artwork we might encounter.


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