Concrete in Paradise!


It was another fabulous class at Hacienda Mosaico!  The number of attendees was limited, but the enthusiasm and energy were boundless…and there were no complaints about the location or weather. The January 2018 workshop took place in the beautiful open-air studio that changes significantly, depending on who is teaching.


There is an ever-expanding collection of artwork in the gardens.  When I arrived, Bonnie Fitzgerald’s class was just finishing elements for an underwater scene on the façade of the Hacienda.  Another stunning Laurel True inspired group mosaic had been installed near the pool since my last workshop, with a complimentary planting.  Xenophon adds both plants and artworks at every turn.


The Hacienda is also filled with interesting collections of work from local craftsmen, selected artists, and the talented Sam Leonard, proprietress of Hacienda Mosaico.  Each guest room has its own unique artwork and design.  You know instantly that you’ve landed in an inspirational oasis.



The luscious surroundings are supplemented by delicious meals for breakfast and lunch.  No one leaves the table hungry!  They are presented beautifully and are healthy and tasty as well.  Dietary concerns are effortlessly addressed.



My approach to this year’s workshop was to introduce a different concrete forming technique each day.  The idea was to do five projects in five days.  We sand-cast, modeled, embedded, carved concrete, made waste molds, reverse cast mosaics, carved foam, and played with colored concrete.  We were busy!  On top of that we also enjoyed dinners out, shopping, a gallery stroll…and the occasional cocktail.


Margaritas and Rebar!

Last year’s group help to start a metal armature for a concrete throne.  This year we were able to finish the basic armature and add the first coat of concrete.



I also learned something new from Buffy Holton, one of the attendees.   She was generous enough to share what she’s learned about making silicone molds from small scale clay originals.  I’m thrilled to have a new technique to play with!


Pieces were of a scale that could be transported home (with a bit of preplanning).  Those that weren’t, get to live happily in paradise!  The throne remains a work in progress to be continued by future workshop participants as they learn additional techniques in armature development, carving and other surface treatments.


Your creative, travel experience is up to you!  One participant took back to back workshops.  Others scheduled additional time before and after the workshop to explore Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding countryside.

JoEl on the Jagiuar Trail

JoEl Loguidice encounters a jaguar on the on the Jaguar Trail at the Botanical Garden in Puerto Vallarta! (…with some technical assistance from Buffy Holton)

I’ve had so many requests and had such a good time teaching this class that I’ve scheduled another workshop at the Hacienda Mosaic for December 10 – 14, 2018.  Plan your next creative travel experience and give yourself a very special Holiday present.  I hope you will join me for the next session of Concrete in Paradise!


Sam Leonard and Sherri Warner Hunter, 2018

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