There’s an exciting mosaic gathering happening in the Laurel Highlands of western Pennsylvania…want to join us?

Hammer and Hardie

Independence 2015 : A MOSAIC SYMPOSIUM will be held at TOUCHSTONE CENTER FOR CRAFTS in Farmington, Pennsylvania, May 22 – 24, 2015.  This beautiful woodland campus is the perfect creative space for Independence 2015 to unfold!

The weekend gathering will celebrate independence of thought and action in the ancient medium of mosaic.  Intrepid beginners, emerging stone cutters, and envelope-pushing professionals are invited to come and experience first-hand what is possible in mosaic. The campus will be buzzing with rotating demonstrations, hands-on opportunity, special events, and idea sharing.

I’m honored to be joining Symposium Host, Rachel Sager; Bonnie Fitzgerald, and Cynthia Fischer, as we each present and demonstrate our strategies for independence in our various approaches to art making during this inaugural Mosaic Symposium.  Additionally, we will share our thoughts, PechaKucha style, in a conversation led by Dawnmarie Zimmerman, Executive Director of the Society of American Mosaic Artists (SAMA) and Touchstone Board Member,

In case you were wondering why the Symposium was titled INDEPENDENCE 2015, here’s a rundown of the presentation you’ll experience:

  1. Rachel Sager – FREEDOM OF SOURCE: The Earth as Your Shopping Cart
  2. Bonnie Fitzgerald – FREEDOM OF SPACE: Large Scale Mosaics Architectural Installations, and Community Projects.
  3. Sherri Warner Hunter – FREEDOM OF FORM: Sculptural Substrates for Mosaics
  4. Cynthia Fisher – FREEDOM OF CHOICE: Choices that Shape our Lifestyle

Touchstone thanks di Mosaico for their support and underwriting of Independence 2015.

We all need a little independence in our life and studio!  If you’d like some more information about this event either click on the Symposium link or call Touchstone directly, 800-721-0177.

I hope to see you there!

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