Elder Jones is ‘the guy’ when it comes to wet carved concrete!

Wet carved concrete, Phyto Planter, by Elder Jones

Wet carved concrete, Phyto Planter, by   Elder Jones

Elder Jones is coming back to SWH Art Studio Inc. in October to teach his amazing techniques in carved concrete.  I have been a big fan for a number of years!  His enthusiasm for the process and high level of craftsmanship are presented in an entertaining style that addresses all levels of expertise.  Even if you have never worked with concrete, he will provide you with solid information, tools and mix formula that will enable you to continue to explore this technique at your home, studio or shop.

If you can’t join us in Bell Buckle, visit his web site for a list of workshops he’ll be teaching at other location around the country.

(The following is an excerpt for his artist statement)

“What I discovered after making one thing and then another over a number of years was that my skill and technique had become refined to the point where I could make whatever I imagined. With this understanding variation in style became commonplace. The large pieces were very engaging and primarily a challenge in execution as well as design. The steps and pots, which I now consider as sketches, keep me active with the medium and provide unique, affordable pieces for certain income. The best thing that has happened to me for exposure is being featured in the two books by Sherri Warner Hunter. Creating with Concrete, 2001 and Creating Concrete Ornaments for the Garden, 2005 by Lark-Sterling Books. This has established me as “the guy” concerning the technique of wet carved concrete.”

Now…who would like some Sandpudding?

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