Sometimes questions get asked more than once…

,,,and that’s why we have FAQ pages.  I’ve just started mine.  The tab can be found on my home page.  I’d gotten an email this morning that inspired me to get started.  I’ve been wanting to have a FAQ page on my web site for years!  It’s only one question and one answer so far, but I have a file with s few more and will add the as I can.  If you have a question, I’ll try to answer it.  If it’s one I’ve heard before, I’ll try to add it to my FAQ page and hope that you won’t mind being referred to my Blog.

Farrar Chair

Farrar Chair


Q:  Are your sculptural chairs and benches formed entirely of polystyrene, without a supporting armature?

2 thoughts on “Sometimes questions get asked more than once…

  1. Hola!!me llamo Monica recibi de la Tecnicatura de Mosaico Artistico..y quisiera seguir aprendiendo todo de la tecnica.
    Como puedo conseguir sus libros??
    Muy interesante su blog


    • Hello Monica, Thank you for your interest in my blog. My books are available on Amazon. That may be the easiest way for you to get them. I am hoping in the next year or two to arrange for workshops in South America. Perhaps we will meet. Gracias! Sherri


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